Hey! I’m Thaís, a UX UI Designer based in Ottawa

As a detail-oriented UX/UI Designer with a strong background in Graphic Design, I seek to solve complex problems, creating intuitive solutions that improve users' lives.

My capabilities

What I do


To solve the identified problem, I believe in gathering important information about the users, market, tools, and technologies involved. This data helps me understand the situation better and analyze it effectively. By collecting user feedback, studying market trends, and keeping up with relevant industry information, I can make smart decisions and come up with solutions that meet the needs of the users and align with the goals of the market.


With the data obtained, I can create personas, scenarios, user flows, sitemaps, user journeys, to better understand the target audience and project goals.

This skill is also very important at the end of a project, where, after the launch, I will create events to be able to monitor using Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics, to understand if the objective has been achieved, and thus, propose changes according to the generated date.


My favourite part of a project! Where I will assemble a structure based on the proposed solution, using low and high quality wireframes, prototypes, visuals, iconography, I will also create style guides, test the prototypes, get feedback and refine until I reach a perfect visual delivery.

It is also where I create other Graphic Design materials, such as editorial designs, flyers, visual identities, social media designs, among other graphic materials.


Skill under development! I have a good understanding of HTML & CSS and I'm, right now, learning more about how to master webflow!


Some tools I like to use:

Adobe XD, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, HTML, CSS and Webflow.

My work

Selected projects

UX/UI Design

Cabana App

Redefined and structured the user flow/experience for a delivery and take-out mobile application

UX/UI Design

Mint Inc. Website

Redesigned a real estate construction company website

UX/UI Design | Web analysis

MySavvy Portal Overview

Redesigned, created & monitored TekSavvy’s website, a Canadian service provider

UX/UI Design | Web analysis

TekSavvy Navigation

Redesigned the navigation of a telecommunication’s website


Salão da Cris

Redesigned the navigation of a telecommunication’s website



Created a logo for this women's clothing company

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